Stretford escorts tend to be in the centre of what is happening in this vibrant part of Manchester. Stretford has always been a prime location and until the end of the nineteenth century was an agricultural centre in a handy location to supply both Manchester and Salford. Then in the Victorian era the Trafford park industrial park was developed to help sustain the Industrial revolution in the area. The Industrial park although having evolved to sustain more modern industries still forms the basis of the economy of the town. Sport plays a huge part of the local economy as both of the Old Trafford sports grounds are within the boundaries of Stretford. The Manchester united football stadium and the international Lancashire cricket ground bring in a vast amount of visitors, primarily men to the immediate vicinity. Many of the Stretford escorts have an interest in sport and can relate to the men and add to their recreational enjoyment whilst in the area. Of course even when there is not a football match on the football ground attracts visitors to its museum from all over the world.

Our cosmopolitan group of escorts are able to cater for the diverse tastes the men in the area or visiting the area have. To cater for visitors from all over the world, the escorts in Stretford are from all round the globe. We have tall amazon type escorts in Stretford as well as petite Stretford escorts. There are many exotic ebony escorts and Asian escorts that appeal to many of the gentlemen either living in or visiting the area. We have a portfolio at our Stretford escorts agency that include both English and Scandinavian blonde escorts and our fair share of brunette babes, It is not difficult attracting top quality Stretford escorts as the location is perfect, rents are not too high in the town and it is within ten minutes of Manchester city centre, Salford quays and Media city as well as being the same distance away from the shopping and recreational facilities of the Trafford centre. The Ladies from Stretford escorts have no excuse to be shabby as they live and work near some amazing retail complexes and shopping centres. Stretford escorts are some of the best dressed in the country and work hard on their appearance and pay great attention to their grooming and personal hygiene.

There are many places you can go with a Stretford escort with Manchester city centre and Salford quays just up the road as is the Trafford centre. Some of our Stretford escorts are interested in the arts, culture and the theatre and would make good companions for that sort or leisure activity.. We at Stretford escorts agency know our escorts in Stretford on a personal basis so would be able to advise of the suitability of an individual for your requirements.