The escorts in Stalybridge enjoy a good quality of life in this Tameside town with its good rail and road links. The history of Stalybridge in the Industrial revolution centres around the cotton industry as it was one of the first towns to have a cotton mill and that turned Stalybridge into a community rather than a collection of a few scattered farms. There was a rapid growth in the cotton industry and the introduction of machinery caused unrest and violent uprisings by the Luddites, but that was quelled by the mill owners calling in the army. The population of the town continued to rise due to an influx of workers, many from Ireland seeking higher wages. The decline of the mills in the early 1900’s and the relocation of the towns largest employer; a steel milling plant caused record unemployment. New smaller industries flourish and at the start of the second war, the town was again in almost full employment. To this day Stalybridge is an economically sound working town with good road and rail links that attract both tourists and workers to the area.

Our enterprising young Stalybridge escorts enjoy a nice lifestyle and use the social amenities the town has to offer to its full potential. Our Stalybridge escorts agency is always looking for a high standard of young lady to fill the demand of the expanding client base. Stalybridge escorts agencies have found that they get clients from all walks of life. It is an attractive town to live in as it is on the periphery of the Pennines, close to the picturesque Saddleworth villages where many businessmen and professional gents live. There is nothing better for a high powered professional gentleman to relax and wind down in the company of a pretty lady who knows how to pamper them looking after there every need. Some gents visiting the area on business prefer to stay in a quieter town rather than the city somewhere they can relax and have fun. The escorts in Stalybridge love to have fun, some of the more vibrant Stalybridge escorts travel into Manchester for assignments so they can live it up showing their clients a good time. When recruiting our pretty young Stalybridge escorts we look for various qualities. They need to be attractive and know how to present themselves to the highest standards at all times. All the Stalybridge escorts we represent need to be prompt, reliable and above all discrete as confidentiality is paramount. Obviously, all our escorts in Stalybridge have got to be fun loving and enjoy meeting others as social interaction, making a client feel good at all times is very important. If you are looking for a pleasurable high class escorting experience then call us at our Stalybridge escorts agency and we will arrange everything for you.