We live in interesting times in Salford as the city evolves and this era for the city is an exciting time for Salford escorts. The city is coming of age and our Escorts in Salford are having a great time. Salford was a city in urban decline but now it is again a hive of activity. Salford was an old textile town predating the industrial revolution where wool was woven and spun, other cottage industries like clog making and cobbling grew alongside these. In the eighteenth century with the development of chemicals, bleaching became an important cornerstone of the economy. The industrial revolution then started to shape Salford. The Manchester ship canal was built to link Salford and Manchester to the docks at Liverpool, making Salford an inland port. A network of canals from other industrial and mill towns transported finished good to the docks, then onwards. It is the Canal basin where the Salford docks were which is important today as it is at the centre of the city’s massive regeneration program. It is now home to bars, restaurants, the Lowry theatre and retail outlet. As far as the economy goes the biggest contributor is Media city with its film studios and music recording facilities. For a long time Salford has been a city of culture it is the home of L.S Lowry and Coronations street.

As with all thriving centres there is the need for rest and recreation and Salford escorts do their best to help compliment all the other activities in the area. You will find that a Salford escort is enigmatic and fun loving and will do anything to help you unwind and enjoy what precious leisure time you may have. There are now a lot of visitors to Salford as it is now a tourist hub as well as being a centre for media, the arts and commerce. It is also a University city and together with Manchester it has an enormous student population. Some of the gorgeous most pretty female students are Salford escorts in order to help their financial situation and of course it helps extend their social life. 

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