Oldham escorts are lucky because the world is there oyster. They live and work in a glorious setting in the foothills of the Pennines in a town that has so much to offer. The quality of life for an Oldham escort is good and the rail and road networks to Manchester and even Leeds and the towns of West Yorkshire are easily accessible.

Oldham owes its growth to cotton and textiles during the industrial revolution . The climate of the town in the shadows of the Pennines is damp and perfect for spinning cotton, making it more malleable. Even since the decline of the textile industry there is a lot to remind us of the heritage of the area. Old mills are now listed buildings and many has small factory units in them and still form part of the town’s economy. The town of Oldham is diverse and multi cultural and obviously so are the Oldham escort who look after the needs of local men and businessmen who come to the area. Due to its road links and metro link into Manchester Oldham is both a commuter town and a hub town. There are many hotels within the Oldham boundaries.

The escorts in Oldham and surrounding areas are very versatile and mobile as they attend parties and functions in the town and outlying areas. The area of Saddleworh within Oldham district is a collection of former mill villages. This area is now rich in heritage and is also a prosperous commuter area serving Oldham, Manchester and even some of the West Yorkshire towns such as Huddersfield and beyond. Due to the affluence of the area the Oldham escort s are often busy frequenting the hotels and large houses in the Saddleworth villages where solicitors, stockbrokers and other successful professional people live. There are many business conferences and seminars in the Oldham district because of its geographical position and delegates like to chill out with the help of a local escort in Oldham . The escorts of Oldham are not only beautiful and well manicured they are great fun to be with and will always cheer you up after a long hard day at the office or business meeting.

The escorts in Oldham attend a lot of receptions and weddings accompanying gentlemen who do not have permanent partners. Some men in the area on business need an Oldham escort to make up foursomes at business lunches or dinners in the evening. In general escorts in Oldham are very busy sometimes escorting gents into Manchester if they want to sample a taste of the city. An Oldham escort makes it her professional business to acquaint herself with places like Manchester so when the need arises she is able to accompany a gentleman wherever in the area he wants to go and be familiar with the surroundings.