Although Didsbury is a suburb of Manchester the escorts in Didsbury enjoy a village like experience in the suburbs. This is the most affluent area within the boundaries of the city of Manchester with the most expensive house prices. This is a result of it being such a nice area to live with Manchester city centre less than twenty minutes away by tram. Didsbury has a mixture of wide open spaces and parkland as well as avenues of mature trees giving it a semi rural village feel. There plenty suitable accommodation for escorts in Didsbury to live as there is a disproportionate amount of apartments and small terrace houses, as until the late nineteen ninety’s developers built to accommodate the student population. With many of the escorts in Didsbury that type of accommodation suits them. When not working many of our professional Didsbury companions enjoy the benefits of living in this urban village, many of these girls are fit and take advantage of the places such as the Mersey valley, Fletcher moss Botanical gardens and Didsbury park to run or jog in. The social and night life is vibrant and suits younger people who can have an enjoyable evening without needing taxi fares or public transport to go into the city centre. There is proportionally high employment in the Didsbury area with a lot of commercial activity. Siemens have a facility based there, BA City Flyer has its head office located in the suburb and British Airways also has an office. There are various other enterprises that support airport activities as Didsbury is one of the nearest places to Manchester international airport and has a direct motorway link to it. One of the Advantages of being an escort in Didsbury is that you live mid way between the city centre and the airport, with the world being your oyster.

Escorts in Didsbury are usually dynamic young ladies full of enthusiasm and a zest for life. They have vivacity and élan inspiring confidence in those they are with. A date with one of our self assured young ladies will boost the confidence of any gent no matter how shy he usually might be. You may have tried other Didsbury escort agencies, but we have a selection of unbeatable ladies who know both Didsbury and Manchester as well as surrounding areas. Many of the airport hotels are situated in or around Didsbury adding to the dimension of services our professional companions provide. These fantastic young escorts in Didsbury are ready for anything and always provide a top class service being attentive and aware of the needs of their clientele who come from all walks of life. Some of the gentlemen our escorts in Didsbury cater for are from the indigenous population, others are businessmen visiting the area or travellers passing through using the international airport.