Altrincham escorts who live and work in the area do so in one of the richest areas outside of the prosperous areas of the home counties and South West London. The former villages of Hale, Hale Barnes and Bowdon now form the periphery of Altrincham and those areas are some of the richest in the country with many footballers and celebrities domiciled in the neighbourhood. Thus the escorts in Altrincham need to be top notch.

As well as being a market town steeped in history and tradition Altrincham is a Manchester commuter town with the first Metro link terminus south of the city. Altrincham has been a market town since 1290 when it was an agricultural base. The town primarily developed with the extension of the Bridgewater canal linking it to Manchester. then along came the railway thus stimulating industrial growth. The town itself has established itself as being upper middleclass with its wealthier outlaying areas adding to the affluence. Many Altrincham escorts have been subsequently moved into the area. Altrincham escorts are trendy chic and fashionable presenting themselves to the very highest of standards. For an escort in Altrincham this is a professional necessity as the standard of client is high and their taste very discerning as they are used to the best life has to offer. They require the very highest standards in everything and the includes the recreational use of high class Altrincham escorts.

These ladies all enjoy the good life and shopping for the best fashions, make up and lingerie is part of the life style of a top class escort in Altrincham. Apart from being required to attend functions such as gentlemen’s evenings, business dinners where the attendance of a partner is a necessity. Gentlemen of this calibre do not like to attend parties or weddings without a consort. Pride dictates that they have a companion who will take everyone’s breath away and that is one of the many functions of an Altrincham escort. There are often, functions conferences and seminars at the local four and five star hotels and country clubs where gentlemen need the company of an high class Altrincham escort purely for relaxation purposes after the hard work is over. Dinner dates and overnight stays are common place for a good Altrincham escort, many have regular clients. The escorts in Altrincham that have many regular clients or men that specially travel from afar to see them; proves that they excel at what they do. Many of the hotels in the town are used as airport hotels as it is the nearest town to the international airport. If available our escorts in Altrincham look after the needs of these often jet lagged weary travellers. At Altrincham escorts agency we have a selection of Altrincham escorts with massage skills as well as other skills to help rejuvenate and re-energise these gents.