Our Terms And Conditions

Our Booking Policy

All of the ladies which you see advertised on Eternity Manchester Escorts are extremely important to us and we take great safety measures when arranging your booking and so the following below is what we require from you before the booking is arranged.

Outcalls to your address

Your name, home address and preferably your home landline number.

Outcalls to a Hotel

A lot of our booking to tend to be at the hotels dotted around London so in order for this to be arranged we require your name, address, contact number and the name of the hotel and also the room number which you will be staying in.

Important information

  • Withheld numbers will be ignored
  • We never store your personal details after your booking
  • One person per booking, get in touch for details on couples
  • We may be able to supply ladies out of the area for additional charges (travel costs)

Making A Booking With Our Companion

Once you have arranged the booking if we are not able to get hold of you then your companion will not begin her journey, it is important we are able to get hold of you to cut out the timewasters, our girls also take their time to look their best for you so it is also unfair that they have to waste their time also.


We require that within the first few minutes of meeting with your lady that the fees are paid (£ GBP) and it can't be paid after the booking that is the policy which we have, Once you have made your payment your companion will confirm with the agency that she has recieved this and is also safe and from there your booking will begin.

End of your booking and extra time

When you get to the end of your booking your companion will again contact us so we know she is safe and in good hands, the personal information which you supplied us before hand will now be deleted. If you decide that actually you would like to spend more time with this girl then you must call us up again so we can confirm she has the time available and if this is the case then we will have no issues with this what so ever, as usual the payment for the time has to be made before the time starts.


We get that things pop up and a cancellation needs to be made, if you wish to do so then please give us atleast one hours notice prior to your booking to avoid any charges such as travel as the girl may already be on the way to your apartment