Nantwich Escorts

The Nantwich escorts live and work in a Medieval market town with a modern edge which a perfect blend of heritage and contemporary living in harmony which each other. It is a town living in the present with an eye to the future with a rich past which has helped shape the town into what it is today. There is evidence that Nantwich predates Roman times, but the Romans certainly laid some roots in Nantwich taking advantage of the salt deposits. They used the salt as a preservative and a condiment for their main garrisons in Chester and Stoke. Cheshire is a lush green county with a lot of dairy farming, so a rich supply of salt came in handy for making Cheshire cheese. The international cheese awards take place at the nearby Dorfold Manor which is a grade one listed building and one of the finest examples of Jacobean architecture you will find. Salt and brine have formed a lot of the history of this market town and brine or saline baths were built for spa and hydrotherapy purposes and boasted the strongest saline baths in the world. A remnant of these baths still exist next to the main swimming pool, there is an outdoor brine pool, which is opened in the summer. There was also the Brine Baths hotel, opened in 1893 and officially closed in 1946 after various alternative uses it has now been demolished.

Nantwich to a lesser extent is still a tourist leisure resort for those looking for country breaks. Our Nantwich escorts are always ready and willing to offer companionship to those gents on a wind-down and relax weekend of leisure and recreation. Anyone interested in heritage and history will have a great time absorbing all the culture, perhaps in the company of a Nantwich escort. We have many educated escorts in Nantwich who have a great knowledge of the town and are acquainted with all the listed building in the locality, these are made up from a variety of classifications from the traditional Tudor to some French style building as well as later dates almshouses and workhouses. As you can expect the town attracts a fair number of city dwellers. Many executives like to re-energise at the numerous country hotels in the area, many having spa facilities and golf courses. The high-class escorts in Nantwich are often called upon to provide feminine companionship. Some of the Nantwich escorts offer spa break weekends of full-day appointments so they can pamper and fully relax their clients. Some companies take advantage of these hotels as many have conference rooms as well as all the leisure facilities. They can go about the business of holding their get together in a relaxing environment. Some gents often stay on over the weekend often enlisting the help of an adventurous vivacious escort in Nantwich to make the experience that much more pleasurable.